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The upmarket cafe takes its name from co-founder Tanya Alekseeva, author of the Better Raw blog, who describes herself as a raw-food specialist and holistic wellness coach. True to Tanya’s principles, everything on the menu is raw, plant-based and free from refined sugar and gluten.

The restaurant’s setting perfectly complements its raw-food menu: the abundance of light, plants and wooden furnishings effectively brings the outside in. It’s a stylish, comfortable place that’s perfect for intimate catch-ups with friends and family.

If you’ve never tried raw cuisine before, it’s likely that Tanya’s will convince you of its merits. The dishes are original and elegant, designed both to nourish and energise. Brunch is served from 11am to 3pm, with options including ‘avo un-toast’ (soft, dehydrated onion bread with squashed avocado and chili flakes) and cinnamon chia (chia seeds in homemade almond milk with cinnamon, vanilla and seasonal fruits). There’s a variety of cold-pressed juices and nut-milk coffees to quench your thirst.

After midday, the menu widens. You can choose from a range of salads, inspired by different cuisines, and ‘living mains’ including Thai curry kelp noodles, a nori wrap and lasagna (layers of herbed almond and cashew ricotta, sundried tomato marinara, walnut mushroom meat and basil pesto, between sheets of courgette pasta). There’s also a good selection of tasty sides and dips. The treats – ‘cheezecakes’, mini slices and raw chocolates – are just as delicious as their traditional baked counterparts. And then there’s the cafe’s speciality cocktails made with ethically sourced alcohol, fresh fruits and so-called ‘superfoods’. The combinations include hazelnut-infused vodka, cacao, acai berry, fresh raspberries and maple syrup – a cocktail aptly named ‘Filthy Rich’.

The popularity of raw-food eateries is growing in London, and Tanya’s, with its fine food and excellent service, demonstrates why.

Piece of strawberry cheesecake with flower petals.
Strawberry cheezecake
Kale chips alongside carrots with hummus dip.
Cheezy kale chips; hummus and carrot crudites
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