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Kate is an editor and content strategist; Mark is a digital designer and developer.

London’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants, cafes and more.

We’re two vegetarians living in London. We love discovering new vegan and veggie places to eat, and we’ve created this website to help you do the same.

From food stalls to bakeries, community-run cafes to fine-dining restaurants, we’ve visited them all to create our guide to the best. Explore our list of places, or view the map to find out where they’re hiding.

Our write-ups will give you an idea of what each place is like and why we think it’s so good. We don’t just write about the food and service, we let you know about the atmosphere, decor and acoustics, whether it’s a good place for groups, families and working, and lots more. We also give each place a price rating – inexpensive, moderate or expensive – to help you find somewhere to suit your budget.

So whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or simply interested in eating less meat or trying a new cuisine, we hope you find new places to enjoy and spread the word about.

With quite a few places set to open, and more to be discovered, we’ll be adding new write-ups soon. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep track. And if you hear about a new place, or love somewhere we haven’t covered yet, please get in touch.

Kate and Mark

Just so you know, we’re completely independent and have paid for every meal.