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Rubys of London

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In 2000, vegan baker Ruby opened a stall in Greenwich Market to sell her handmade vegan treats. Business boomed and, today, Rubys of London is an award-winning vegan patisserie. They can now deliver treats directly to your door if you live in Greater London, but the stall is still going strong every Saturday and Sunday in Greenwich Market.

On her website, Ruby describes how she began baking at an early age. A childhood dairy and egg allergy meant she was often unable to taste the birthday cakes of her friends, and that’s where her passion and flair for creating edible works of art began.

‘Edible works of art’ is no exaggeration. The carefully decorated cupcakes are exquisite and always draw a crowd. There’s a wide range of fruity, nutty and chocolate flavour combinations to choose from. The sponge is light and the cupcakes burst with flavour – they simply taste as delicious as they look.

Alongside cupcakes, you can buy mini loaves, cake slices, desserts, biscuits, brownies and doughnuts. Many of the vegan goods are free from wheat, gluten and refined sugars. Considering the quality of the bakes and the free-from ingredients used, the goods are reasonably priced.

All in all, it’s a joy to behold, let alone taste, such creative bakes. This popular market stall is definitely worth a visit.

Rows of cupcakes and cookies with cakes and donuts in the background.
Creatively decorated cupcakes
Stacks of brownies alongside a cake with donuts in the background.
Cakes, cookies, brownies and doughnuts
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