Red bakery facade with glass door and windows. Chairs and tables outside.

Ms Cupcake

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Ms Cupcake was founded in 2011 by Mellissa Morgan. She had moved to London from Canada, many years previously, and noticed a gap in the market for vegan sweet treats. In 2010, Mellissa decided to fill it herself. She began baking indulgent vegan cakes at home and selling them at London markets. Just one year later, due the high demand for her specialist treats, Mellissa set up shop in Brixton Village.

Inside Ms Cupcake, you’ll find freshly baked cupcakes, layer cakes, cookies, muffins, squares, sandwiches, savoury treats, milkshakes and ice-cream sodas. Everything is 100% vegan and a fair share of the baked goods are free from wheat and gluten. Most customers probably don’t even realise this, which is a testament to the texture and flavour of the cakes.

The bakery has an open-plan layout, which means everything is baked and decorated on the premises in front of customers. The friendly staff are more than happy to talk you through their wide range of mouth-watering cupcakes (including lemon, banoffee, strawberry champagne, black forest, raspberry cheesecake, rose and red velvet); brownies (including Oreo and walnut); and many other decadent treats.

Most of the cupcakes are priced at £2.60, and the other sweet treats at around £3. Thankfully, being naughty won’t break the bank.

Rows of cupcakes on baking trays.
An assortment of iced cupcakes
One lemon cupcake and one Oreo cupcake.
Lemon blackberry and Oreo cupcakes
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