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The charming combination of mismatched furniture, local art on the walls, fresh flowers, upbeat music and the ever-present smile of Cameroonian owner Evagle Francklin, makes Maloko a great place for meetups. And then there’s the food.

Galettes are Maloko’s raison d’être. Made from buckwheat – which is neither a grain nor related to wheat, but a distant relative of rhubarb – the galettes are gluten-free. There’s a range of vegetarian or vegan fillings to choose from, including sweet potato, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, goats cheese, beetroot and jerk tofu. Served with a fresh side salad, the galettes are crispy on the outside and bursting with flavour on the inside. Size-wise, galette can be a substantial lunch or a more-than-adequate dinner.

Also on the menu are traditional crêpes with sweet fillings, and teas, coffees and reasonably priced fresh juices.

If you’re looking for somewhere south of the river that’s informal, friendly and a little bit different, Maloko’s the place.

Jerk tofu galette with side salad.
Sweet potato, spinach and jerk tofu galette
Caribbean Twist galette with side salad.
Caribbean Twist galette
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